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Olymp Trade reviews

Molmaran Thanks for the information. Yes, I also think that 10 dollars are too small fo...

3 Aug 14, 5:37 PM

Online stock investment

Krispus <script type="text/javascript" src="https://moneyonlineinves...

0 Aug 6, 8:42 AM

Page: Stock Dividends

Cordalsa I couldn't understand a bit of what is really going on there, if that thre...

4 Aug 3, 11:39 AM

Stock: [SPOT]: Spotify Technology S.A.

Cordalsa How this company are doing lately does anybody have any info ? From what I hav...

3 Jul 29, 12:55 PM

Stock: [NCLH]: Norwegian Cruise Ord

Lalis So there were something about binaries as well ? I do not see how people can r...

2 Jul 24, 2:32 PM

Blog: Wall Street Breakfast: What's In The Cards For 2016?

Molmaran But I do see many companies still getting strong from some break in the past. ...

4 Jul 24, 3:31 PM

Stock: [AIG]: American International Group

Molmaran IT's a very well known company, worldwide I would say even so what's t...

4 Jul 25, 1:39 PM

Blog: Daily Futures Trading Strategy 25 July 2019

Cordalsa Wow, I couldn't believe that the moderator passed your post here anyway, a...

1 Jul 26, 2:02 PM

Blog: Wall Street Breakfast: Hopes Rise For More Fed Easing

Cordalsa Oaky, maybe we really can, what do you propose for that matter ? Do you have s...

2 Jul 26, 2:15 PM

Blog: Wall Street Breakfast: Rally Pauses As DOJ Probes Big Tech

Molmaran Who do you think will believe in such things ? I am simply curious for now, ma...

1 Jul 27, 12:12 PM

Blog: Best Possible Details Shared About Buy fut 18 coins

Molmaran I do not understand eitheir why people continue posting some nonsense on that ...

3 Jul 24, 2:19 PM

Stock: [WB]: Weibo Corp Ads

Lalis I see it fall a bit since last time, correct ? So what is happening here ? Can...

4 Jul 23, 2:07 PM

Stock: [SWIR]: Sierra Wireless IN

Cordalsa You tell me guys how are their products overall and is it worthy to put money ...

9 Jul 23, 12:59 PM

shares consolidation

Molmaran Unfortunately I am not that strong in that terminology but I bet it will work ...

1 Jul 21, 3:59 PM

Blog: Wall Street Breakfast: Market Dusts Itself Off

Cordalsa Trump is a master of paying taxes, master here should be in brackets, I have j...

7 Jul 21, 11:09 AM

$USDJPY Is Bullish And Sustaining On Higher Levels

Molmaran Okay, so many many years have passed anyway so I am on the way to make it real...

1 Jul 20, 1:41 PM

Stock: [CAB]: Cabela's Inc

Lalis Last post here probably like one hour year ago or so really. I do not see how ...

2 Jul 1, 1:45 PM

Page: US Market Profile

Lalis ten percent of what please giving you 100% of the profit ? I do see that you p...

33 Jul 13, 12:57 PM

Stock: [BABA]: Alibaba Group Holding

Cordalsa I am all for investing in it, but why trading volume here are so damn low anyw...

32 Jul 11, 1:28 PM

Stock: [EBAY]: Ebay Inc

Cordalsa For me it's all about Amazon and AliExpress now and nothing else, are peop...

3 Jul 10, 2:25 PM

Stock: [ATVI]: Activision Blizzard

Molmaran They are at $47.50 now with HUGE trading volume of that stocks really. Does an...

2 Jul 1, 1:51 PM

Stock: [CDTI]: Cdti Advanced Materials Inc.

Lalis Why there are so many abandoned companies anyway ? Does anybody plan to delete...

3 Jul 1, 1:55 PM

Stock: [AMAT]: Applied Materials

Molmaran What are their business ? How long they are in market ? How stable they are ? ...

2 Jul 2, 1:51 PM

Page: Investment Books Review

Molmaran I also don't do books. In fact, reading has never been my thing since my d...

9 Jun 27, 3:54 PM

Stock: [JCP]: J.C. Penney Company Inc

Molmaran I mean is it really that J.C Penny we all knows ? I mean it's seriously fo...

2 Jul 3, 2:05 PM

Stock: [BRK.B]: Berkshire Hathaway Cl B

Molmaran To the last poster - and what you will say now about that ? Does it really loo...

6 Jul 1, 1:36 PM

Page: Brokers Comparison

Lalis I do not understand why this popular live thread with all that things were rea...

52 Jun 25, 3:41 PM

Stock: [MDR]: McDermott International

Molmaran "McDermott International, Inc. is an American multinational engineering, p...

3 Jun 29, 2:46 PM

Stock: [PDS]: Precision Drilling Corp

Molmaran "Precision Drilling Corporation is the largest drilling rig contractor in ...

2 Jun 29, 2:22 PM

Stock: [EWH]: Hong Kong Ishares MSCI ETF

Lalis Why this stock have fallen should we do something with that or not really ? Bi...

1 Jun 29, 1:46 PM

Stock: [HONE]: Harborone Bancorp Inc

Molmaran Why people do not posting any links to some real life information about all th...

2 Jun 29, 1:38 PM

Stock: [CTRP]: Ctrip.com Intl Ltd

Molmaran What to look in this shares lately except the fact that they are falling apart...

2 Jun 29, 1:36 PM

Page: Mobile App

Lalis I really love current state of i3investor app and that's it. If they will ...

25 Jun 29, 9:16 AM

Is the Net Profit the last consequence?

Lalis There are quite much of such situations some people may love when their boss d...

1 Jun 29, 9:13 AM

Stock: [APPS]: Digital Turbine

Molmaran Collected what ? This stock is very very low anyway really. I do not see how i...

2 Jun 29, 8:46 AM

Stock: [MSFT]: Microsoft Corp

Molmaran Microsoft is really doing well in terms of growth. They come up with new ideas...

3 Jun 27, 3:53 PM

What are the digital options?

Lalis Nice question. I'm also interested in getting an answer to this question. ...

1 Jun 27, 3:25 PM

Stock: [DVAX]: Dynavax Technologies

Lalis Looks like a year have already passed here anyway. Thanks in advance for that ...

1 Jun 27, 3:23 PM

Public Watchlist: Top 10 Stock Picks for 2017 - Barrons

Molmaran How all this information helps people in somethine like the middle of 2019 ? D...

14 Jun 27, 3:14 PM

Stock: [PRH]: Prudential Financial Inc

Molmaran Can somebody please explain something about this company anyway ? Does it real...

1 Jun 27, 3:11 PM

Stock: [AAPL]: Apple Inc

Molmaran I couldn't believe they are not working anymore for me. WE have the abilit...

37 Jun 26, 2:53 PM

Stock: [BKNG]: Booking Holdings Inc

Molmaran Is that that booking.com which is located in the Netherlands ? I have always p...

3 Jun 25, 4:20 PM

Page: Forex Trading

Molmaran Very true. It's quite important for a trader to begin on a demo account, r...

22 Jun 25, 3:39 PM

Blog: Wall Street Breakfast: Big Results Expected from 'Big Tech'

Molmaran Could you please post it all in Chinese or so anyway ? I do not see anything l...

2 Jun 24, 4:28 PM

Stock: [BXMT]: Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc Cl A

Lalis Why do you suggest people to simply buy and that's it, from where it comes...

1 Jun 21, 3:57 PM

Twitter adds 4 million users in September quarter, revenue down 4%

Molmaran Nobody wants to comment that issue so all is fine I assume or not ? Please sha...

1 Jun 21, 3:44 PM

Stock: [FB]: Facebook Inc

Molmaran Have anyone of you ever bought just one of this actions or not ? I still haven...

34 Jun 21, 3:42 PM

Stock: [TWTR]: Twitter Inc

Molmaran How are all this companies are doing anyway ? In the era of infowars Twitter s...

2 Jun 19, 4:34 PM

Stock: [UEC]: Uranium Energy

Lalis I am looking at this and it still reminds me something which was happened onto...

1 Jun 19, 3:45 PM

Stock: [AMD]: Adv Micro Devices

Molmaran Okay guys, how are you doing lately with AMD stocks ? Have you heard the news ...

5 Jun 19, 3:31 PM
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