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Sweden’s stock market is a forgotten fraction in comparison to most other markets, and many internationally -unknown companies never get a fair valuation. However, magic happens when those companies move to US Nasdaq. American CEO Steve Carchedi, took over Allarity Thearapeutics two years ago, and since then been talking about moving the company back home to the US. The date for this migration is set to early August this year. Allarity Thearapeutics is a 30m$ company with a completed phase 3 in oncology and a successful Covid medicine, among other late stage substances. The FDA-filing for market entry was sent 2 months ago. The way Allarity differ from other life-science companies is the use of their drug response predictor, which showed doubled or tripled response rates. I believe that this “response predictor” is the true reason to invest in this company since no other company has shown this kind of accuracy. Nearest competitor in drug response prediction is Kura oncology at a valuation of 1.4B$, and Allarity is way ahead Kura in both phases, number of substances and proof. In about three months, this company will be public knowledge, for now it can be bought for lunch money. The latest presentation of the company from CEO:

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