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February 2024 Results: NordFX Top 3 Traders and New Unique Bonus

Publish date: Fri, 01 Mar 2024, 09:40 AM

NordFX, a brokerage firm, has summarized the trading performance of its clients for February 2024. The effectiveness of social trading services, PAMM and CopyTrading, as well as the profits earned by the company's IB partners, were also evaluated.

- The best result in February was achieved by a trader from Southeast Asia, account number 1745XXX, who made a profit of 70,757 USD through transactions with gold (XAU/USD).

- The gold pair XAU/USD, along with the British pound (GBP/USD), assisted a client from Western Asia, account number 1704XXX, in securing the second spot on the podium with earnings of 45,303 USD.

- Third place went to another trader from Southeast Asia, the owner of account number 1748XXX. Utilising the same instrument, XAU/USD, they managed to gain a profit of 25,570 USD.

The following situation has emerged in the passive investment services of NordFX:

The PAMM service at NordFX continues to attract investors' attention to the "Trade and earn" account, which opened in March 2022. After four months of dormancy, it reactivated in November of the same year. For a long time, its maximum drawdown did not exceed 17%. However, at the end of 2023, the account manager made a significant mistake, and within a few days, the drawdown neared a risky 60%. Fortunately, the manager was able to rectify the situation, resulting in a sharp increase in profitability, exceeding 477% over 16 months of operation.

In our last review, we also highlighted a startup named Kikos2. A month later, it remains showcased in the PAMM service, boasting a profit of 394% within 101 days of its existence, despite a significant maximum drawdown of around 60%. Therefore, in this and all other cases, investors must exercise maximum caution and be prepared for both profits and losses.

Those familiar with NordFX's passive investment services will likely know the accounts named KennyFXPRO, the oldest of which has been operating for over three years. This time, we want to highlight two new accounts created by this manager. The first, KennyFXPRO - The CAD Bank, has shown a profit of 7% in 87 days with a very low maximum drawdown of less than 5%. The profitability of the second, KennyFXPRO - Road to 250, was nearly 15% over 89 days, with a drawdown of less than 7%.

In CopyTrading, we continue to monitor the yahmat-forex signal, which has shown a return of 372% over 251 days, with a maximum drawdown of 37%. Among the startups, it's worth noting the FxBro Tradings account, which has demonstrated a return of 26% in just 23 days, with a maximum drawdown of less than 8%.

Among the IB partners of the brokerage firm NordFX, the top 3 are as follows:

- The largest commission reward in February was credited to a partner from Southeast Asia, account number 1743XXX, amounting to 10,975 USD.

- Following them is their colleague from Western Asia, account number 1645XXX, who earned 6,137 USD for the month.

- Finally, completing the top three leaders is another partner from Southeast Asia, account number 1516XXX, who received a commission of 5,535 USD.


Attention! Starting from February 20, clients of the brokerage firm NordFX have been given the opportunity to participate in a new accumulation program called the Margin Call Bonus. The program's uniqueness lies in the fact that traders earn bonus funds for themselves: the more actively they deposit into their account and the more actively they trade, the larger the amount they can receive when a Margin Call occurs.

Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.

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