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How Are Taxes Different for the Self-Employed?

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Mon, 26 Oct 2020, 4:55 AM

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Tax season is most people’s least favorite time of the year. After all, who likes to lose a portion of their hard-earned money? However, taxes remain a big part of your obligations as an American citizen. In general, filing tax returns is not something that a lot of people are skillful at, hence why they usually hire tax preparers to help them out. Although being self-employed comes with plenty of benefits, it is not without its drawbacks. As a self-employed individual, this whole process can get even trickier. Don’t fret, though, because understanding how taxes are different for the self-employed is not as hard as it sounds at first. If you are interested in learning about SE (self-employment) taxes, read on for more insights.

Who Is Considered Self-Employed?

Before we delve deep into the nitty-gritty details of how taxes are different for the self-employed, you need to know whether you fall into this category in the first place. According to recent statistics, there are around 16 million self-employed Americans, so there is a big chance that you are one of them. Based on the IRS’s definition, there are 3 types of self-employed individuals: independent contractors, people involved in partnerships that operate businesses, and people who do not have employers (think freelancers). Veterinarians, doctors, dentists, and lawyers can all be considered independent contractors. However, this is not always the case. An easy way of figuring out whether you are an independent contractor is to take a look at how you usually perform your work tasks. If you have complete control over how you do your job, then you are an independent contractor.

What Taxes Do You Have to Pay?

Now that you are sure that you are indeed self-employed, let’s talk about specifics. Self-employed individuals are obligated to pay two main types of taxes: income and self-employment (SE) taxes. As you must already be familiar with income taxes, we are going to cover the SE tax. This tax has to do with Medicare and Social Security. Regular employees get Social Security and Medicare taxes directly deducted from their salaries. To avoid confusion, think of SE tax as Social Security and Medicare taxes but for the self-employed. So, same concept, different names!

What Is the Purpose of Quarterly Payments?

Generally speaking, regular employees do not have to worry about Social Security and Medicare taxes as their employers withheld them from their wages. Because you do not have an employer, you have to adhere to a different payment system. The system mandates that you need to pay your taxes throughout the year. The reason behind this is that you do not get tax refunds during tax season. If you do not know what you are doing, you are certainly going to be stressed about the SE tax. Nevertheless, they are easy to master once you get to learn the ropes of how they are calculated.

How to Calculate Self-Employment Taxes?

We’ve finally reached the meat of the article. Yet, before you open an Excel sheet and get ready to calculate your SE tax, you need to make sure that you are not exempted from paying them. Yes, surprisingly, not all self-employed people are required to pay SE tax, but they are few and far between. First off, if you had no tax liability the previous year, you are exempt from SE tax. The term “tax liability” refers to the amount of taxes you owe the government. So, if this amount was zero last year, you do not have to worry about SE tax. Of course, this is an extremely rare scenario. If you estimate that you will pay less than $1000 a year in SE tax, you are exempt as well. Landlords who are not real estate professionals and business owners whose companies function separately from them are not considered self-employed. The profit they receive is called “passive income,” which is not subject to SE tax.


Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/heap-of-american-money-cash-and-vintage-light-box-4386367/


According to the IRS, the SE tax’s rate as of now is 15.3%: 12.4% for Social Security and 2.9% for Medicare. When it comes to Social Security taxes, only $137,700 of your income is taxable. That said, depending on the situation, you may have to pay an extra 0.9% Medicare tax if you make more than $200,000. To accurately calculate how much you need to pay, you need to know your annual net earnings. The easiest way to do this is to subtract business-related expenses from your aggregate income. Then, you can apply the 15.3% rate to know the sum you owe the government. If you have trouble applying this formula, there are many online calculators you can use, provided that you have been keeping track of your income and business costs.

What Are Your Payment Options?

So, you have calculated your taxes, now what? It is time to pay what you are due, of course! When it comes to the question of how to pay estimated quarterly taxes, there are many methods you can try. First off, you can pay them electronically through Direct Pay, a service that the IRS offers. If you usually use checks, rest assured that they are a viable option as well. You do not have to worry about payment methods, as the myriad of options available accommodates the needs of all taxpayers.

What Deductions Can You Get?

Deductions are the holy grail for most taxpayers. As a self-employed person, there are 15 deductions you can go for. These relate to business expenses. For example, you can get a deduction if you have a home office. Similarly, using your car for business also gives you a deduction. You may be able to reduce the sum you are due to pay, in case you have high internet and travel costs as well.


Self-employment is a great option for those who want to set their own work hours and choose their clients. However, we cannot deny the extra responsibility this variety of work comes with. Filing returns and paying taxes can be a headache when you are an independent contractor. Hopefully, now you know a bit more about how taxes are different for the self-employed. To spare yourself much hassle, we recommend that you hire an accountant to take care of everything. In any case, keeping a close eye on your profits and expenses can go a long way towards helping you calculate your taxes accurately.

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What Are the Benefits Of Investing In Gold For Your Retirement?

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020, 4:43 AM

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, gold has been used for a variety of different reasons. But, most importantly, it’s listed as a precious metal. There are so many advantages that gold possesses. For one, it’s the most abundant metal in the world. Its composition alone includes 99.9% pure gold. It’s also a very soft metal and is malleable, which makes it ideal for manufacturing tools, like drill bits and saws.

Furthermore, gold is also one of the strongest metals and is used for making bullets, bulletproof vests, helmets, and chains. Because gold has so many positive attributes and uses, it’s also considered to be a substantial asset for investments.

Why Invest In Gold?

Of all the precious metals out there, gold has to be the most popular. Most investors tend to buy gold for the convenience of diversifying their portfolios, particularly during the tumultuous period of a financial crisis.

When the global economy suffers from financial crisis, there’s usually a drop in the prices of many commodities, including gold. However, gold does tend to increase in value over time. Because gold has always been an attractive investment, its value increases along with the price of everything else that it’s used for.

Gold can be used as a form of money and is generally accepted around the world as a form of solid payment. Although many investors are wary of investing in gold, others see it as an excellent opportunity to generate profit. There are many types of investments that involve this precious metal, including jewelry, coins, bars, certificates, ETFs, certificates, shares, bullion, and IRAs.


Types Of Gold Investments

Most people who invest in gold use certificates to get started. One certificate is issued for a specific amount of gold. Investors can purchase this specific amount and keep it in an account. When a buyer decides to sell their gold at a later date, they must pay the outstanding amount for that particular certificate.

Another popular form of investing in gold is by purchasing gold bullion. Investors can buy these products in order to store them as a physical asset. Many gold dealers also offer gold bullion to customers.


Properties Of Gold

Gold bullion is a great option because it’s an investment product that can be used for starting a gold IRA or individual retirement account. It’s considered to be an extremely safe form of investment, thanks to its very long history of success. Bullion companies typically offer their customers the assurance that their products will continue to increase in value in the future.

The different qualities of gold also make it popular among consumers and investors. The price of pure gold varies depending upon the quality. However, the cost of the gold bullion is relatively less than other precious metals because their gold content is lesser. The density of gold also plays a great part in the value of the precious metal.

The density of gold measures somewhere are around 19 grams per cubic centimeter. This ranks gold as being a very dense metal compared to other precious metals. Although some people become confused with the terms of gravity and density, the two terms mean relatively the same.

The density of gold refers to its mass in relation to its volume. This means that it’s measured by how many grams there are per cubic meter. Because mass is synonymous with weight, the terms can be used interchangeably when referring to any precious metal.


Gold IRA VS Traditional IRA

When investing in gold for your retirement, it’s best to look into gold IRA.

A traditional IRA is one that involves holding paper investments, such as certificates, stocks, and bonds. A gold IRA on the one hand, holds tangible gold items, such as bullion coins and gold bars. Both are investment accounts that capitalize in securities, but one is completely different in its aftermath of currency and value. A traditional IRA will serve you a retirement income that results from the increase in your stocks and bonds. A gold IRA will be empowered from the value of your precious metals. 

The choice is yours as an account holder as to how you’ll opt to invest. It could be through gold bars, bullion, or physical gold coins. Remember that with each investment into your retirement account, you’re awarded certain tax benefits. There are also higher interest rates and, possibly, a tax-deferred status.

Furthermore, with your gold IRA, you’re allowed to keep your account tax-free once you retire. If, by chance, you’re over the age of 55 and still employed, there may be an annual deferral until you reach 70.


Gold is a precious commodity that’s been around for hundreds of years. It’s been used for so many reasons and in so many ways, but most especially as a means to trade and invest. Having said those, gold may be an excellent way to diversify your own individual retirement account. With adequate research and the help of a bank professional to assist you in answering questions and solidifying your decisions, you could advance your financial portfolio to a ten-carat level in no time.









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How to Trade Forex Online

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020, 8:27 PM

Foreign exchange, or forex, is simply the conversion from one currency to another. While the price of a particular currency is directly proportional to that of another currency, the price of a particular currency and the cost of another currency are not equal. This is because there can be a considerable difference in the exchange rates. For this reason, it is impossible to determine an accurate conversion rate between any two countries' currency. For example, the US dollar compared against the Japanese yen, or the British pound contrasted against the Australian dollar. For all the numerous reasons that forex is necessary and profitable, to be able to buy and sell with foreign currencies is primary.

Forex is vital if you want to trade in foreign countries. However, many people have no idea how to start or where to even begin. When learning how to trade with foreign exchange, training is imperative. Without the proper and accurate knowledge of today’s market and the processes that are incumbent to it, success is futile.

Online Brokers

The first thing you'll want to do is to get an online broker to help you trade forex. Generally, a foreign exchange broker is a company that focuses on financial services and provides any trader with a platform to buy and sell their foreign currency. There are a variety of companies and corporations that specialize in such online trading, such as ForexToStocks.

When it comes to finding a broker, you can either buy a free program and do it yourself, or you can use a third-party program. Either way is fine, so long as you're comfortable with particular online trading and don't mind having to manually enter data into a system.


Once you've picked out a forex broker, the next step is to pick a forex core platform that works well with that broker. Some of the best platforms are: Windows based, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Windows and iOS are generally the most popular operating systems for forex trading, though many trading systems are also available for iPad and other mobile devices.

To get started trading forex, you'll need to make sure that your broker has access to a variety of other forex brokers that can work with different foreign currencies. If you don't have a good platform, your broker will not be able to provide you with the variety of forex brokers you need that will work with your currency pair. Because of this downfall, if you are new to this process, you might want to consider using a third-party program that can provide you with forex brokers.


When you're ready to start trading forex, you'll want to open a demo account with a broker that allows you to practice on a simulated forex account. This will let you see what your trading looks like without investing any immediate money. As you learn more about the system and how it works, then you can move from account to account until you reach a level where you are comfortable enough to sign up with an actual account.

It is actually better if you keep your demo accounts with a number of low volume accounts to avoid loss. This way, you can easily find the trading trends and learn about them before going into real trading.

So that you don't go overboard, try to find a broker that offers a low trading limit. You'll want to test each forex platform in a real account for a few weeks before moving on to another forex broker.

Trading Psychology

Once you have a platform, training, and a demo account, there is one other thing you'll want to do before you start online trading. Every trader should take advantage of the forex market psychology when they first get started. This is highly advantageous because you’re going to have to learn how to read the forex charts to know when they're about to break out. When you're trading forex, you want to be on the winning side, so make sure that you stay in the game and learn the right forex trading terms and technology. Make sure that you understand the risks involved and the benefits of trading currencies. This will help you make the right trading decision.

Online trading can be done without much hassle. Most of the foreign exchange websites allow for a trader to sign up in just a few minutes. There may be a registration fee, but once you have enrolled, you can immediately start trading with the other traders.

However, trading in foreign exchange can be very risky and can bring in huge losses if a trader does not have enough knowledge and expertise in dealing with the system. In fact, it may even lead to losing your whole investment. This is why brokers are so important.


The foreign exchange market is a great place to do business. However, it can be dangerous if you’re not sure what you are doing. There are many lessons to learn and terms to understand before any exchange of currencies online should take place. Practice accounts are a great way to learn, as well as incorporating a good Forex platform or broker. After all is said and done, and once you are sure that you can handle trading currencies and have enough knowledge to enter the foreign exchange market online, you will be able to profit a lot from the market.


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How to Save Money on Life Insurance

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020, 5:12 AM

High employee turnover is one of the main challenges that threaten a company’s growth and success. More and more companies are now realizing that to keep their employees longer, they have to show that they are invested in their wellbeing. Offering attractive compensation benefits that go beyond salaries is one of the most effective ways you can cultivate your employees’ loyalty as a business owner. Life insurance in particular is among the most favored benefits employers can offer, however, it's also known to be one of the most expensive. If you are currently at a crossroad wondering if your small business can cover the expenses of employee life insurance, you need to read the below. Here are some tips on how you can save money on life insurance.

Image Source: https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1586034679970-cb7b5fc4928a?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&auto=format&fit=crop&w=1350&q=80

Analyze Their  Needs

A lot of times, many companies overpay on life insurance extras that none of their employees actually use. Before you go shopping for life insurance policies, analyze the specific needs of your employees, and understand what options they will benefit from the most. You can even conduct an anonymous survey to collect meaningful data about your employees’ definition of necessary versus bonus features. For example, if most of your employees are single, you don’t need to offer a spouse coverage option. In that case, it’s more cost-efficient to bump up the value of an individual policy. You will get to save money and your employees will appreciate the added benefits.

Opt for Money-Saving Plans

When you start researching insurance policy deals, you will notice that many policies are identified as money-saving. These plans give you the same benefits as a regular plan minus the hefty premiums and corporation taxes. As per insurance experts, you could be saving money with relevant life cover which is a tax-free insurance plan that is significantly cheaper than other similar plans. Besides saving on taxation expenses, relevant life coverage even escapes inheritance tax as the payout is not actually owned by the deceased but is to be passed on to the beneficiaries. However, you need to understand the shortcomings of such plans, for example, the fact that relevant life insurance won’t be available to you if you run a partnership company or are a sole trader. In addition, your employees have to pay out before they reach the age of 75.

Choose Term Insurance Over Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is considered the most expensive type of insurance since it covers the assured for as long as they live. Term insurance, on the other hand, covers the assured for a predetermined period, which can save you a lot of money. Even though whole insurance obviously has more benefits like cash value accumulation, for on-budget employers like yourself, it’s not worth the financial burdens. However, when you start with basic term insurance you can upgrade to whole insurance whenever you choose to. Otherwise, you can save whole life insurance for senior titles or employees who’ve been with your company for more than five years. Not only will this save you a considerable amount of money, but it will also give new employees more reasons to stay with you for longer to get access to a more comprehensive life insurance plan.

Don’t Wait Too Long Before You Invest in Life Insurance

As the average age of your employees’ increases, it’ll become more expensive to offer them life insurance. You can avoid the unnecessary financial burden when you start looking for a suitable plan today. In addition to the financial aspect, you need to consider the lost opportunity cost of not having a proper life insurance policy in place. The inability to attract high calibers when recruiting is one of the biggest challenges that employers face when they don’t have wholesome compensation packages.

Work With an Experienced Protection Specialist

As an employer, you’re not expected to understand the ins and outs of life insurance policies available in the market. Your best bet is to benefit from the services of an experienced protection specialist who can help you find what you’re looking for. Sharing your needs and your budget with a professional will save you a lot of time and money. Insurance policies can sometimes be tricky with the fine print conditions and limiting terms. However, for a professional adviser, it’s easy to compare different plans and summarize the pros and cons of each for you to take your pick.

Image Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2015/07/26/16/35/business-861325_960_720.jpg


Life insurance is not a benefit you can afford to overlook. As your biggest asset, your employees' satisfaction is worth the extra investment. You should use the above tips to help you find the right life plan that can help you become an employer of choice without breaking the bank. When you see the improvement in employee morale and enhanced productivity of your team, you will know you’re on the right track.

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5 Benefits Of Investing In Gold IRA

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020, 11:24 AM

Saving for retirement is one of the wisest decisions you can make. However, with the many regular savings and investment options for retirement, most people just readily stick to the regular IRAs. Now, things are changing. Given the unsteady economic situation around the world, people want more than just regular IRAs. They want better IRAs that are more profitable and stable. Gold IRA happens to be one of those top-class IRAs that’s highly profitable and timelessly valuable.

What Is A Gold IRA?

This type of individual retirement account invests in gold, as well as other precious metals, for use after retirement. The gold IRA allows the investors to own precious metals like gold, silver, bronze, platinum etc. rather than the usual investments in the form of cash, estates, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Gold IRAs usually involve higher fees than the regular IRAs but are more profitable and sustainable in the long run.

Top Reasons To Invest In A Gold IRA

Here are some of the benefits of investing in a gold IRA.

  1. Precious Metals Are In High Demand

Gold is a highly prized commodity that’s in high demand. Even as the world is evolving and major world currencies are fluctuating, gold and other precious metals seem to be going in the other direction as their worth continues to move up.

Gold’s price per ounce ranged from about USD$255 in August 1999 to about USD$1,850 in September 2011. As of June 2020 (with the pandemic still blowing hot), gold is roughly around USD$1,700 per ounce. This goes to show that gold was highly prized and in fact, still remains so.

If you invest strategically in your retirement in the form of gold, your asset’s price per ounce would’ve likely increased much more than its value when you first bought it. Since the uncertainty in the world right now is virtually affecting everything, including regular IRAs, using a gold IRA is a way for you to secure a good life after retirement. Given that precious metals are in high demand, your gold would still have a high selling value during and after your retirement.

  1. Inflation-Proof

Gold IRAs are appealing because they’re not at high risk of suffering setbacks due to inflation, which is something most of the regular IRAs deal with. In fact, it’s a smart choice to go for an IRA like gold IRA that stands as a formidable opponent against inflation which is fairly common in this world era. According to historical analysis, gold and other precious metals perform well even during currency devaluation and economic depression periods.

For instance, during the 1918 pandemic and even during the world wars, it was confirmed that the value of gold remained fairly constant. Even during this coronavirus pandemic, investors are turning more towards gold and silver investment as a way of financial protection. Since it fares a lot better during national and world crises than other forms of investments, it’s only natural that you'd be inclined to save up or invest for retirement using a gold IRA.

If you’re looking for potential retirement savings and investments accounts. In that case, you should take a look at Birch Gold Group Gold IRA Review for a proper understanding of how investing in gold will benefit you before and after retirement.

  1. Investment Diversification

It’s not unusual to want diversification in retirement investments. Asides from your regular IRAs, you should have a gold IRA to serve as fall back option and insurance for your finance after retirement.

Having a gold IRA will help break your fall even if your regular IRAs end up breaking down. Stocks can fall spontaneously; the company could go bankrupt, estates can exchange hands, the currency could get devalued, the economy can suffer depression, etc.

Your gold IRA would cushion the effect of whatever befalls your regular IRAs. And even if your regular IRAs remain valuable, it will be advantageous for you to have a balanced financial portfolio after your retirement. By having gold in the form of investment towards retirement, you increase the odds of riding the waves during turbulent economic crises.

  1. Generational Investment

Most regular IRAs are strictly for pre-retirement purposes. In fact, some of them barely cover the retiree's needs after retirement. But gold IRA is different from this. If properly handled, gold IRA yields dynamic profit so much that you have the financial capability to cater your needs upon retirement and still leave assets for your children and their children.

Aside from the financial impact of gold, you can leave your gold behind as a physical asset for your future generations. Since Gold holds a universally timeless value, this asset would remain valuable for your children when they want to make use of it. Not only would its value remain constant, but there’s also a probability of its value going higher.

  1. Better Control and Accessibility than Regular IRAs

Gold IRA is self-directed, so you have full control over it compared to the traditional IRAs that place you on some form of restriction. With the likes of stocks and bonds, treasury notes, pension savings, and mutual funds, your investment is usually locked up for a specified duration. What happens if you need it before the stipulated period? You just have to find another way to sort yourself out.

In contrast, gold IRAs give you more control over your investment; it also makes your investment more readily accessible than the regular IRAs. Gold IRA is also flexible enough for you to switch things up or down as you so desire. This means that you have more control over the degree of your investment risk, gains and losses. With a gold IRA, there’s no holding back because you, the investor, are empowered to choose for yourself.



Retirement entails so many aspects that are both within and beyond your control. Depending on how well you strategize your savings and investments, your financial well-being after retirement can be within or out of your control. By signing up for a gold IRA, you ensure that your retirement is well within your control. There’s so much to gain from having a gold IRA. From its inflation-proofed nature to its universally high value, a gold IRA is worth looking into.

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Payday Loans Online: Benefits Of Borrowing Money From Online Lenders

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Thu, 23 Jul 2020, 8:53 PM

Online payday loans are a great way to deal with unprecedented financial emergencies. They’re an easy way out, if you ever found yourself in a situation where you need money, but you’ve ran out of your salary.

Various cautionary articles warn people against the online payday loans. While this may be true with fraudulent lenders, various online lenders provide these services within the law.

Such lenders give you access to a myriad of benefits. This article talks about the benefits of borrowing payday loans from online lenders.

1. Convenience

One significant advantage of payday loans online is convenience. Payday loans are readily available, and you can access them when you need to. This makes them suitable for people in financial emergencies.

Traditional loans aren’t so convenient, especially when you want to handle an emergency. Think about it. Your doctor won’t wait for you to get feedback from your bank when you've a medical emergency. Traditional banking institutions can’t guarantee you speed in terms of addressing emergencies.

The opposite is true with online payday loan lenders. They assure you of accessibility to money almost instantly. This enables you to take care of emergencies promptly.

2. Fewer Requirements

With conventional loans, you need to fulfill various requirements before qualifying for a loan. Some of the most common requirements include proof of income, a good credit score, photo ID, Social Security Number (SSN), and collateral. You also need to provide the evidence of your financial capacity to pay off the loan.

Payday loans have much fewer requirements. Firstly, payday loans are unsecured. This means you don’t need to use any of your property, such as a house or car, as collateral. Secondly, there are no credit checks. Your income alone is enough for you to be eligible for a payday loan.

Generally, to qualify for a payday loan, you need:

  • To be at least 18 years of age.
  • To show your source of income or regular job.
  • To have an SSN or government ID.
  • An active bank account.

Some online payday loan lenders may check your credit score, but ultimately base their decision on your financial situation. Also, remember that the additional requirement with other traditional lenders are in place to protect you.

3. No Credit Check

Most people fail to qualify for traditional loans because of credit checks. You need to have an astounding credit history to be considered eligible for a conventional loan. Payday loans are a great alternative for people whose credit history locks them out of conventional loans.

You aren’t required to have a good credit history to be approved for a payday loan. Online payday loan lenders don’t pull your credit. This means there’s no hard credit inquiry, which can affect your credit score by some points.

Another unpopular advantage of payday loan is that you can use them to guard your credit score. Conventional loans offer long repayment periods, that can go up to several years. You never know what may happen in between. Disasters can happen in a blink of an eye, and that’s life. A disaster would mean that you won’t be able to repay the loan in full, thus affecting your credit score.

Because of the short repayment period, payday loans allow you to protect your credit score while accessing money.

4. Quick Processing

Conventional loans aren’t reliable. Banking institutions require you to wait for three to five businesses days to know about the status of your application. Moreover, you aren’t even assured if it’ll be approved or not. Imagine waiting for five business days only to know that your application is rejected.

With online payday loans, your application is processed within one hour after providing all the necessary information. The application processes are usually as simple and straightforward as they could ever get.

The review process could take some time, but upon approval, the lender deposits the money in your account on the same day or the next working day. Because of the competition in the online lending market, some lenders even deposit the cash in one hour.

5. Safety Of Personal Information

Many people shy away from loan application processes because they’re mandated to provide personal details such as bank and ID information. With online payday loans, you don’t have to worry about this issue, because your information is always confidential.

Online payday loan lenders aren’t authorized by the law to share your personal information with third parties. You should rest easy knowing your information is in safe hands.

6. Unsecured

Unlike payday loans, conventional loans are secured. This means you have to use your property, such as your car or hose, as collateral. If you default the repayment of the loan, your property is seized by the lender as a result. This method of handing unpaid loans is unfavorable and scandalous.

Payday loans give the lender access to your bank account. The cash for repayment is withdrawn from your account at the end of the month. This method presents a different type of risk. The lender has to take other measures to handle unpaid balances. Such measures include sending debt collectors or litigation in a court of law.

7. Loan Can Be Used for Anything

Conventional loans come with various limitations. One of these limitations is how you can spend the cash. For example, you can only use an auto loan to buy a car. Similarly, you can only use a mortgage to buy a home. 

Payday loans don’t bind you to such limitations. Once your loan is approved, how you spend the money should not be a problem with the lender.

8. Flexible Repayment

When you’re applying for an online payday loan, the lender will take you through the repayment plans for the loan. Payday loans are primarily short-term in nature with lifespans of between two weeks and one month. However, some lenders offer a repayment period of up to three months.

Due to the short repayment periods, payday loans can’t affect you in the long run. With other types of loans, repayment can run to years and affect your finances. This comes with a catch, though; the interest rates are a bit higher.

Before choosing to apply for a payday loan, you must consider a repayment plan that would work best for you. You can also ask the lender if you can create a suitable plan for you so that you don’t strain your finances. You can also ask for loans with lower interest rate or a longer repayment plan.

In Conclusion

Payday loans provide a great alternative for financial emergencies. Besides being accessible to all people, the application process is seamless and straightforward. Online payday loan lenders don’t check your credit history. Once your loan application has been approved, the money is deposited into your account within one day. Furthermore, there’re no limits to how you can use the cash.

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