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Highlights from iFX EXPO International, Cyprus - The Fintech World Came Together for Networking and New Business Opportunities

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022, 12:37 AM

The much awaited iFX EXPO International 2022, held at the Palais des Sports, Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Center in Limassol, Cyprus drew to a close on June 9, 2022. iFX EXPO International lived up to its reputation of bringing the fintech world together for professional engagement and driving the sector into the future. Here are our top highlights from the show.

Sponsors and Exhibitiors

A huge contribution to the success of the iFX EXPO International can be attributed to the Sponsors and Exhibitors, who returned in full strength. The Official Global Partner of the event was ATFX, a leading broker headquartered in Hong Kong, and Fxview, part of the Finvasia conglomerate, as the Elite Sponsor. The Diamond Sponsors included B2BBroker and ZuluTrade. In addition, more than 40 industry brands sponsored various other elements of the event.

More than 135 exhibitors joined to showcase their innovations. Bankera, Paysafe, MetaQuotes, NAGA, ThinkMarkets, Exclusive Capital, Vantage, Your Bourse and Devexperts were among them. The expo venue was busy with meaningful conversations, business collaborations and attention-grabbing displays, with company representatives in attendance to take visitors through the unique features of their offerings.

An Impactful Line-Up of Speakers

With more than 80 speakers from the finance sector, the expo was full of invaluable insights, awe-inspiring innovations, and a sneak peek into a potentially bright future. The Speaker Hall sessions started with the Opening Keynote by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) Chairman – Dr. George Theocharides. This gave attendees the opportunity to hear first-hand from one of the leading regulators with a focus on the latest developments and updates, as well as important topics for the near future.

Leading speakers included Anna Loizou - Chief People Officer and Assurance Partner at PwC Cyprus, Joe Li - Chairman and Group CEO at ATFX, Andrew Ralich - CEO and Co-Founder at oneZero, Christoforos Theodoulou - Head of Global Business and Sales at MetaQuotes, Daniela Egli - Cyprus CEO and Group COO at Skilling and Benjamin Bilski - Founder & CEO at NAGA Markets.

The sessions explored a wide range of related topics including the most important technological trends of the year so far, how the online trading and fintech industries can take advantage of opportunities in the metaverse and liquidity in post-pandemic markets. If you missed any of the sessions or would like to view all the content available, you can do so by visiting the official iFX EXPO channel where all videos will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

The Legendary Parties Returned in Full Force

A thrilling part of iFX EXPO has always been its high-energy parties and entertainment providing great platforms for networking. Sponsored by AloGateway, the Welcome Party venue was the beautiful Columbia Beach set alongside Limassol’s seafront. It gave attendees the chance to meet and greet, while also setting up important meetings for the coming days.

The first day of the expo ended with another night of partying at Theama Venue, sponsored by AAAFx. After a busy day listening to some very insightful discussions and networking with representatives from some of the biggest brands in the industry, the party was the perfect way to unwind in an informal setting.

The event concluded with the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022 ceremony.

The Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022

The Ultimate Fintech Awards set the benchmark for the financial industry, recognising top performers in the B2B and B2C fintech space. There were multiple categories of awards, from the Most Trusted Broker, Best Affiliate Programme, the Best Payment Service Provider, the Best Technology Provider to the Best Liquidity Provider, and much more. There certainly was a lot to celebrate with the awards announced live on stage to an eagerly awaiting audience.

Congratulations to the winners, including FXCM who were awarded Broker of the Year, ATFX – Best Global Broker, AAAFx – Most Transparent Broker, Global GT – Best CFDs Broker, Vantage – Best Mobile Trading App, and HokoCloud – Best Copy Trading Platform and more.

An Ultimate Fintech Award is an award of distinction, with the winners being truly recognized for their continued innovation, focus on growth and contribution to the industry. The entire list of winners was announced by Ultimate Fintech, and you can see the complete list here.

Coming up next!

The next event is iFX EXPO Asia, to be held in Bangkok during 13-15 September 2022 at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld. If the Cyprus experience is anything to go by, the event in Bangkok will bring excellent opportunities for networking and building business partnerships, increasing brand awareness, showcasing brand value and differentiators, and gaining insights into where the fintech industry is headed.

Bookings are filling up very quickly so contact iFX EXPO now to book your booth and sponsorship and stay tuned for more news and updates by visiting the official event website.




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The Stock Market Is Due For An Upside Ahead

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Thu, 12 May 2022, 6:02 AM

On February 24, 2022, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the global stock market experienced a dramatic fall. However, just hours later, stocks would stage an impressive recovery, stressing how volatile the stock market can be. However, there are several reasons why it is believed that stocks are probably not going to fall below the value experienced during the early hours of the Russian invasion.

Indeed, some even believe that the stock market is due for a rise before the end of the year. However, certain questions are being asked regularly by concerned investors: what can trigger the rise of the stock market? How does leveraged trading work with this upside market condition? This article will answer these questions and more. So, keep on reading.

What is stock market volatility?

Stock market volatility represents a measure of how much stock prices can rise and fall markedly within a specific period. Simply put, volatility measures the level of risks and this enables investors to predict the future fluctuations that may happen. It must be added that by adopting the right investment strategies, investing in the stock market can produce favorable results, despite the obvious risks that are associated with it.

Interestingly, extreme risk is even associated with day trading. This form of trading requires buying and selling of stocks, depending on price fluctuations.

Trading With Leverage

It is safe to affirm that most investors that trade stocks, as well as other securities, every day, make use of their funds. If they plan on acquiring stocks, they must have sufficient funds in their accounts to purchase and pay for those shares. A major downside of investing only with cash at hand is the restriction your gains have due to your financial resources. To boost the amount of profit they can make, investors sometimes turn to leverage trading. What is leverage trading?

Sometimes, professional traders borrow funds for investment in order to increase their purchasing or selling power significantly. This process is called leverage trading. As the potential gain - which comes with trading with leverage - increases, so too is the risk.

How Does Leverage Trading Work?

As mentioned earlier, experienced investors borrow funds to purchase stocks they could not afford when paying with the money at hand. It is extremely risky. However, if you are aware of the risks that are associated with leverage trading, then it is not a bad strategy to try out.

Take, for instance, you have $30,000 in your account, and you wish to make an investment in a company that trades at $100 per share. What this means is that you can only purchase 300 shares as an investment. If, over time, the share prices increase to $150. This implies that you make a gain of $15,000 or 50%.

However, if you borrow $90,000 from your broker, this significantly boosts your purchasing power. In this case, you can buy 1200 shares. Again, for a 50% increase in share price (that is, $150), you make a gain of $60,000 or 200% of the cash invested.

On the other hand, if the price drops by 50% to $50 per share, you would owe the broker money even if you sell all your shares. This explains how risky it is.

Yet, it is exactly the strategy adopted by many experts and it has increased the volume of trade that is being carried out daily by traders across the globe!

Furthermore, there are certain reasons why the stock market might experience a boost before the end of the year:

Containment of COVID-19 in China

The massive contraction of COVID-19 in China has initiated lockdown protocols across the country, reducing economic activities in the process. China has the second-largest economy in the world. When stricter financial conditions reduce demand, this slows down inflation, which would otherwise result in lower returns on the stock market.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is not without consequences

The US policy made in response to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has led to an increase in the price of gasoline. This has produced a direct impact on consumers. As oil demand reduces, more money is spent on energy, raising profit margins and boosting the stock market.


Even though the stock market might have suffered in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, its high level of volatility ensures that it will not stay low for long. Going by the reasons stated above, a rise in the stock market is surely a safe bet!


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Strategies For A Successful Forex Trading In 2022

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Thu, 12 May 2022, 2:41 AM

Trading forex is becoming more popular than it was a few years ago. Behind the popularity of forex trading is its global market with people trading around the world. The major currency pairs that are traded include the EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF.

Thanks to the technological evolution and use of mobile devices, forex trading is accessible for everyone. But it requires you get out of your comfort zone and work to achieve more wins while eliminating losing trades. Becoming a successful trader requires that you develop a strategy that is risk tolerance but which helps you win more. Research shows that scalping strategy, day trading and trend trading are the strategies used by most successful traders. Lately, other successful traders use a range of trading strategies to execute their trades. 

So what is easy forex? It is a platform that allows traders to trade forex. Here, you need to use three elements to help you choose a strategy to use to trade forex successfully. They include considering the time frame, looking at the number of trading opportunities and determining the right trade size. Read on to learn more about the strategies on easy-forex to trade currencies. 

Scalping Strategy

It is the most popular strategy traders use to trade forex. The strategy focuses on smaller market movements. Therefore, the trader may open many trades that bring in small returns per trade. However, the aggregate returns from these small trades become significant in the long run. The scalpers place a large number of trades for a few hours, days or weeks. It is a good strategy to deploy in highly volatile markets. Investors look at the market with huge price fluctuations and capitalize on price movements.

Day Trading Strategy

It is where one chooses to trade in currencies in one day. The idea is to open and close the trades in a day. But when you use this strategy, you must ensure that no positions stay open at night. It helps to minimize risks when you are asleep. Day traders may stay in a trade for the day. However, they must monitor and manage the opened trades. They use a 1 hour or 30 minutes time frame to generate trading ideas.

Also, day traders base their trading actions on breaking news. They watch scheduled events, GDP, interest rates, economic statistics, elections and interest rates to make decisions. The trader sets a daily risk limit to protect their capital and account. Also, the trader must find the support and resistance levels on the charts before placing the trades.

If the prices move upward, they place a stop loss a few pips above a previous swing high. On the contrary, when prices are moving downwards, the take profit is placed at the support level.

Position Trading Strategy

It is one of the long-term strategies based on fundamental factors. The strategy does not consider minor market fluctuations.

Therefore, before a trader takes a position, they monitor political development, central bank policies, and a host of other fundamental factors that help in identifying an appropriate trend. The trader opens a few trades and may target profits after a couple of hundreds of pipes in each trade. But this strategy requires some patience and may take years, months or weeks to close.

Range Trading Strategy

The trader looks for trading instruments consolidating in a certain range. They look for  consistent resistance and support areas. They observe the price's inability to go past the resistance area and how it bounces off the support area. They use the Direction index (ADX) and moving averages to establish a trend. If the ADX is lower, the trend is weaker, but if it is high, it is strong, and thus the trader must identify the range it is consolidating within.

When the price hits the resistance area, the trader sells the currency. On the contrary, they sell when the price hits the support line.

Ideally, the trader identifies a trading opportunity in a trend and assumes that the trend will continue moving in the same direction until it reaches the support or resistance level. It could be an uptrend when prices are moving up or a downtrend when prices are falling.

After watching the moving average specifically the 200 DMA, and the MA crossovers .traders take an appropriate action.

Final Thoughts

Thus, Range strategy, position strategy, scalping and day trading are some of the strategies traders use to trade forex. However, the strategies do not produce the same results for all traders. There are other factors, such as the timing, that determine the success of each strategy.



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Last Chance to Book Your Booth for iFX EXPO International 2022

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Wed, 4 May 2022, 9:09 PM

It’s that time of year again. Something big is being prepared by the Ultimate Fintech team and they plan on putting you at the centre of it all!

Welcome to the iFX EXPO, the world’s first and largest financial business to business exhibition. This year, iFX EXPO International 2022 is going to be bigger than ever.

The organisers are planning 2+ days of networking and engaging with the titans of the industry from the 7th to the 9th of June in Limassol, Cyprus. From Online Trading, to Financial Services, and Fintech, they’re giving you the opportunity for invaluable conversations.

This is the event for:

  • Technology & Service Providers
  • Digital Assets & Blockchain
  • Retail & Institutional Brokers
  • Payments, Banks & Liquidity Providers
  • Affiliates & IBs
  • Regulation & Compliance

The Palais des Sports, Spyros Kyprianou Athletic Center will play host to the attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors which include successful start-ups, leading international brands, and industry giants.  

The events kicks off with a welcome party taking place on the night of the 7th of June at Columbia Beach with a show-stopping night party also planned at Theama Venue on the evening of the 8th. There are several luxurious hotels ready to accommodate you such as the Parklane Resort & Spa, Amara Hotel, St. Raphael Resort and The Royal Apollonia, with pickup points to take you to the Expo venue on the days of the show.

The deadline for their Early Bird promotion has been officially extended to the 10th of May. Certain business categories are eligible for the Early Bird completely FREE of charge. Head over to register to see whether you qualify.

As you can imagine, the exclusivity of the iFX EXPO International 2022 makes booths limited in number and only the last few sponsorships remain. The deadline for registering your company’s booth is fast approaching so this is your last chance to book. Do not let the opportunity pass you by. Contact sales@ifxexpo.com and secure your spot.

With just over a month to go, Ultimate Fintech are more excited than ever to once again bring you all together for an unforgettable few days. From the exhibitors, to the sponsors, to keynote speakers, everyone has their role to play in making the iFX EXPO International 2022 the designated foothold for individuals to harbour expert industry knowledge and to make the most of unlimited networking opportunities. 

See you there! Visit the official website to find out more.



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4 Tips To Reduce Crypto Trading Risks

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Mon, 4 Apr 2022, 6:29 AM

Due to the market’s volatility, cryptocurrency has become a popular trading asset through the years. This means it can bring a considerable amount of money to both new and established investors. However, crypto trading also has its own set of challenges and risks that might result in significant financial losses. This is one reason you should have an effective risk management strategy when trading cryptocurrency assets. 

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced investor, below are four tips for reducing crypto trading risks:

1. Choose The Right Trading/Investment Strategy 

If you want to minimize the crypto trading risks, choosing the appropriate trading/investment strategy can be an excellent solution. This is because it can help you prepare for the unpredictability of trading crypto. It also serves as a plan you can use when buying and selling crypto assets to mitigate the risks and improve your odds of making a profit.

The following are some trading/investment strategies to choose from:

  • Dollar-Cost Averaging: It’s designed to eliminate the emotional aspect of trading or investing. You can lower the financial risk of poor timing with a dollar-cost averaging strategy by getting a good price for your trade positions and making the risks more manageable. To learn about this strategy, you can click for more info here or browse some resource websites online. 
  • Day Trading: It’s used to get the most out of the crypto market’s volatility. With a day trading strategy, you execute a trading position based on the market’s sentiments and track the right trend until the price meets your profit target. 
  • Swing Trading: It’s used to generate profits from price movements within a short to medium timeframe. With a swing trading strategy, you need to catch timely crypto trends to make the most of your profits.


2. Get Familiar With The Different Trends Of Analysis

When it comes to trading digital currencies, knowing and understanding the various analysis trends is crucial for minimizing the risks involved. This is because these trends can be used to have a clear view of the cryptocurrency market, which can help you execute the proper trading position.

Here are the two common types of trends of analysis to keep in mind:

  • Technical Analysis: It involves the analysis of statistical trends according to the current trading activities, including the price movement and volume of the crypto subject to trading. By conducting technical analysis, you can reduce the risk of financial losses since you have a better grasp of how the prices move in a specific direction. When this happens, you’ll know when to place a trading position. 
  • Fundamental Analysis: It involves analyzing the crypto’s intrinsic value by checking out certain economic financial factors, including the tax rates and governmental rules and regulations. By performing fundamental analysis, you’ll know whether the coin is overvalued or undervalued as a digital asset. As such, you can create effective trading strategies which can help reduce the risks.


3. Diversify Your Crypto Trading Portfolio

As a trader, you can also reduce the risks of crypto trading by not putting all your eggs in one basket. The risk is much higher when you invest all your money in one crypto asset in the same portfolio. For example, if you only trade Bitcoin and the price suddenly declines, the financial losses are much more severe. 

With that said, it’s best to diversify your portfolio by holding a few other crypto assets with different prices. In fact, using digital currencies correlated to the value of Bitcoin might be a safer way to diversify. By doing so, you’ll mitigate the risks associated with the portfolio as well as maximize your profits. 


4. Create An Exit Strategy 

Having an exit strategy can also help you trade crypto with minimal financial risks. It allows you to determine a trading position once your predetermined criteria, including your target profit, have been met. Consequently, you can control the amount of money that you can potentially lose in crypto trading. 

To create an exit strategy, consider the following:

  • Map out your trades ahead of time by analyzing the crypto charts;
  • Set your targets for generating profits;
  • Adding trading position when the trends are stronger or locking in your profits through scaling;
  • Placing stop orders to safeguard yourself if the market moves in an unfortunate direction.


Bottom Line 

Given the popularity of cryptocurrency, trading in it can be an excellent way of making more money in both the short and long term. It may make you filthy rich and improve your wealth in the long run. However, the assets’ volatility can also expose you to significant financial losses. Luckily, by keeping the tips provided above, you can effectively manage the risks and boost your odds of getting more profits. The more you know what to do, the more you can avoid problems in the future.



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Free Passes Available Now for iFX EXPO International 2022

Author: bmotrader   |  Publish date: Wed, 30 Mar 2022, 10:11 AM

Exclusively for Retail Brokers, Affiliates and IB’s for a Limited Time Only 

Registration is now open for iFX EXPO International with exciting opportunities for exhibiting and sponsorship. The best news of all however is that if you qualify for a P1 or P2 pass and you register before the 2nd of May, you’ll get your ticket for FREE!

iFX EXPO International 2022 is set to be the biggest show so far. Those who attend will Discover, Meet, Discuss and Engage at the largest financial B2B expo taking place at the Spyros Kyprianou arena in Limassol, Cyprus between 7-9 June.

  • Discover - iFX EXPO International is a 2+ days networking event that provides you with an invaluable networking landscape to grow your business. For over a decade, organisers have been bringing professionals together in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Meet - From start-ups to industry giants, many big brands have attended, exhibited, sponsored, or spoken at the iFX EXPO International. The influential iFX EXPO community forges new business deals and partnerships in the spirit of fintech innovation.
  • Discuss - Knowledge is power and that theme is strong at every iFX EXPO event. Attendees have an exciting schedule of speakers to listen to, covering a range of hot topics and industry subjects.
  • Engage – There are many ways you can participate. iFX EXPO International offers numerous sponsorship opportunities for brokers, banks, fintechs, payment providers and startups. There are also many exciting booth designs available to get your brand noticed. Sponsorships and booths are snapped up fast, so brands looking to reserve should contact sales@ifxexpo.com as soon as possible.

The iFX EXPO International Website Is Live!

The iFX EXPO International website is live and that means you can check out the venue, the event schedule, and the floor plan. It also means you can book your tickets and reserve your booth or sponsorship. Visit the iFX EXPO International 2022 website and make sure you bookmark it for important news and updates which will include recommended hotels and of course the all-important party plans.

Who Will Attend?

iFX EXPO International is the ultimate meeting place for the global fintech community. With an excellent mix of business networking, insightful learning and socialising, the event never fails to connect top level executives. Attendees include:

  • Technology & Service Providers
  • Digital Assets & Blockchain
  • Retail & Institutional Brokers
  • Payments, Banks & Liquidity Providers
  • Affiliates & IBs
  • Regulation & Compliance


Head over to the iFX EXPO International 2022 website now to explore previous shows to see why leading international brands choose iFX EXPO. If you're a Retail Broker, Affiliate or IB, don't forget to book your free P1* / P2* pass now and if you're a Service Provider you can book your P3* pass at the early bird rate of €300 + VAT for a significant saving available until the 2nd of May. (*Subject to eligibility and approval by the organisers).

If you are looking for ways to drive real and relevant business to your brand but unsure which sponsorship or booth to book, email the team for assistance at sales@ifxexpo.com.

There are just over 2 months to go until the show is live so don’t miss out!


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