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- According to experts from the British bank Standard Chartered, bitcoin could reach $100,000 by the end of 2024, which indicates the end of the so-called "crypto winter", writes Reuters. Standard Chartered believes that at the beginning of 2023 bitcoin profitably took advantage of its status as a "brand haven" for savings and a tool for money transfers. Its further growth will be facilitated by recent turmoil in the banking sector, stabilization of risky assets due to the end of the US Federal Reserve's interest rate hike cycle and increased profitability in crypto mining.
In addition, support for the main cryptocurrency may be provided by the adoption by the European Parliament of the first set of EU rules on the regulation of crypto-asset markets. According to JPMorgan experts, the growth of BTC will also be affected by halving in April 2024.

- The Bitcoin Archive press service reminded that there is less than a year left until the next bitcoin halving. As of April 24, 2023, this procedure is scheduled for April 06, 2024. However, this date is not final and may change, as it has already happened many times before.
A number of market participants believe that this event will be very important for the future value of the flagship cryptocurrency. In their opinion, the cycles for the cryptocurrency are unchanged, and BTC quotes will reach new all-time highs a year or a year and a half after the halving, as happened in previous cycles. Other experts note that the market situation has changed. Bitcoin has become a mass phenomenon and now "other laws and regulations have started to work" for cryptocurrency, so other factors will be decisive, rather than halving.

- Former Goldman Sachs top manager and macro investor Raoul Pal says that the crypto sector will increase from the current 300 million to more than 1 billion users during the next bull cycle. According to him, risky assets like cryptocurrencies are facing an "inevitable wave of liquidity." And such an influx of capital will "illuminate" the industry with new innovations.
The macro investor believes that the Fed has most likely already completed the interest rate hike. He also speaks about the approaching recession, which will force the regulator to "change course" and support the markets by printing money. "This is exactly what happened in 2019 after the Fed's reversal in 2018. The agency will pause very soon or has already done so," Raul Pal explained.

- According to a recent study by DaapGamble, more than a third of TikTok crypto influencers have posted misleading videos about cryptocurrencies and investing in them. Influencers sometimes share unverified misinformation in an attempt to convince inexperienced viewers to invest their money or their parents' money (since many TikTok users are young people) in cryptocurrencies, which leads to a loss of funds. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who was ordered by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to pay a fine of $1.26 million for promoting EthereumMax (EMAX), have been criticized.

- After reports of the activation of a bitcoin wallet with 1000 BTC worth more than $27 million, which has been asleep for 12 years, the host of the CNBC program "Crypto Trader" Ran Neuner expressed concern about what was happening. He fears hacking wallets by a special generator, the work of which is based on Artificial Intelligence. "Activating these old BTC addresses can be a really scary phenomenon," Ran Neuner was alarmed. - I hope it's not about hacking. Otherwise, all this can have catastrophic consequences".
It should be noted that such a case of unexpected awakening is far from being the only one. So, an awakened bitcoin whale of the Satoshi era has recently suddenly scattered 400 BTC to several new addresses. And last week, the Whale Alert service reported that another whale with 1128 BTC, after 10.5 years of inactivity, transferred more than 279 BTC worth $7.6 million to new wallets.
These strange events are taking place against the backdrop of a general surge in activity on the bitcoin network: according to Glassnode, the number of transactions exceeds 270,000 per day at the moment, approaching the average monthly cycle highs.

- Billionaire venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya believes that US regulators have "strangled" the cryptocurrency sector, which is now "on the verge of survival" in the United States. This is done out of concern that digital assets could undermine the dominance of the dollar. However, this will only lead to the fact that American crypto companies will be pushed abroad, and the country will be deprived of opportunities for innovation.
"Cryptocurrencies are dead in America. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler blames crypto assets even for the banking crisis, so it's safe to say that the United States authorities have firmly pointed their weapons at them," Palihapitiya said. The billionaire added that now the main blow of regulators is being taken by good players in the crypto industry, who pay for the collapse of the FTX exchange and the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency hedge funds that "planted a stain" on the reputation of the industry.

- An analyst aka DonAlt, who has repeatedly given an accurate forecast for the price movement of bitcoin, believes that the coin is now ready to return to the level of $30,000. At the same time, he allows a correction up to $20,000, which, in his opinion, should be considered a good level for replenishing the stocks of the main cryptocurrency. At the same time, DonAlt excludes its fall to the lows of November 2022 around $15,400.

- An expert and trader under the nickname Doctor Profit recalled his words that bitcoin groped the bottom at the level of $15,400 and it is unlikely that we will see a repeated decline to this mark. According to him, this dump in November 2022 was a complete capitulation, including for bitcoin miners, some of whom were forced to sell the mined coins and their equipment at a loss.
In his opinion, the market is neither in a bull nor in a bear market now, but in an accumulation phase. At the same time, Dr. Profit has advised traders to closely monitor the correlation between the Chinese stock market and BTC. He believes that China will lift the ban on cryptocurrency and legalize it, which will have a very positive impact on the price of cryptocurrencies in the long run.

- Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Jamie Coutts predicts a rise in bitcoin to $50,000 even before halving in April 2024. "The price of bitcoin sinks to the bottom when there are 12-18 months left before the halving. The structure of the current cycle is similar to the previous ones. Nevertheless, many factors have changed: the network has become noticeably more stable, but bitcoin has never experienced a long economic downturn, "said Coutts. If his prediction turns out to be correct, bitcoin will rise in price by about 220% by April 2024 from the bottom reached in last November.

- A popular analyst under the nickname PlanB, known for his Stock-to-Flow model, expects bitcoin to grow significantly. "My predictions continue to come true within the framework of the S2F model. Before halving, you should expect $32,000 per bitcoin, then $60,000. Then [after halving] $100,000 will be the minimum, and the maximum rate can reach $1 million. But, on average, after the next halving, the BTC rate should reach $542,000," PlanB wrote. At the same time, the analyst stressed that the behavior of the crypto market is fully consistent with S2F, so its critics are simply untenable.

- Legendary investor Warren Buffett has called bitcoin "rat poison squared." And he has recently stated that BTC is a token for gambling, noting that "it has no intrinsic value." However, statistics show that the well-known entrepreneur has been wrong in his judgments. If Buffett had added just 2.5% to his portfolio in bitcoins in 2014, this would have increased the investor's total return by 20%.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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