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- 60% of investors surveyed by Bloomberg believe that a decline in the price of bitcoin to $10,000 is more likely. The remaining 40% are waiting for a recovery to $30,000. The study involved 950 respondents. Compared to institutions, there were more skeptics among retail investors. Almost every fourth called the first cryptocurrency “garbage” (18% of professional market participants).
Respondents expressed confidence that recent developments in the crypto market will prompt regulators to tighten their supervision of the industry. This can increase trust and lead to further popularization of digital assets. At the same time, the majority of respondents expressed confidence in the strong positions of bitcoin and Ethereum in the next five years, despite the active preparation by Central banks to launch their own digital currencies (CBDC).
As for NFTs, only 9% of the study participants see them as an investment opportunity. For the rest, non-fungible tokens are art projects and status symbols, which will no longer return to the previous hype.

- The inflow of funds into cryptocurrency investment products amounted to $15 million in the first week of July. The rate of inflows into bear funds, which allow bitcoin shorts, has slowed from $51 million a week earlier to $6.3 million, according to data from investment firm CoinShares. There was an inflow to Ethereum-based products for the third week in a row. Analysts have linked this to Ethereum's upcoming transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. Investors remain interested in products based on several assets. Investments in them have amounted to $217.3 million since the beginning of the year.

- Gold advocate and critic of the first cryptocurrency, Peter Schiff, said he was ready to sell his Euro Pacific bank for bitcoins or for any other digital asset. “Actually, yes, I would sell the bank for anything if the regulators let me do it. My main goal is to protect clients,” he wrote.
Recall that regulators in Puerto Rico closed Euro Pacific in early July due to allegations of insolvency and non-compliance. Schiff said that government authorities are taking revenge on him for criticizing excessive taxation and control by the authorities. According to him, the regulators have no evidence of violations, the bank has no loans or debts, but there are enough funds to fully pay all depositors.

- Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz said in an interview with CNBC that he does not believe in the possibility of reducing the price of the first cryptocurrency to $13,000. “There is a feeling that we are 90% over this deleveraging. […] The problem is that further growth requires more faith and new capital,” he said. According to Novogratz, companies in the cryptocurrency market had too many leveraged positions. This led to the bankruptcy of some of them. He also predicted a sideways trend in the digital asset industry until the US Federal Reserve stops raising the base rate. According to the head of Galaxy Digital, it will take about 18 months.
Rockefeller International CEO Ruchir Sharma also noted that bitcoin needs to get rid of excess leverage in order to become sustainable again.

- Ethereum should be classified as a security, since the asset was originally distributed to investors as part of an ICO. This was stated by the head of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor, who added that the periodic software updates of the Ethereum network, behind which the development team stands, are another argument in favor of such a classification. In his opinion, for a cryptocurrency to be considered a commodity, it should not have an issuer or someone who would “make decisions”.
Saylor also stated that the tokens of all networks based on Proof-of-Stake are securities. According to him, investing in these assets is “extremely risky” due to potential problems with regulators. According to the top manager, this is one of the key reasons why MicroStrategy only invests in bitcoin.

- Soo Kim, a former CIA analyst, said that North Korea will continue to focus on cyberattacks on cryptocurrency and technology companies as the DPRK regime faces severe shortages of food and other resources.
These attacks will become more sophisticated over time as the country struggles with lingering economic sanctions and profiting from cyberattacks has become a "way of life" for North Korea. According to the analyst, the country takes this job very seriously: it's not just some person sitting in the basement and trying to steal cryptocurrency. Pyongyang provides its hackers with the best equipment and education as they bring it a critical income stream. First of all, according to Kim, hackers pay attention to unsuspecting employees of technology companies and try to find vulnerabilities through them, and often get a job in one of the Western or Asian companies themselves.
Earlier, Reuters experts estimated that due to the downturn in the market, the cryptocurrency stolen by North Korea over the past year has fallen in price by $400 million.

- Miners in the US began to move to new states in order not to burn out on rising electricity prices. According to the US government, electricity costs in the country will grow by an average of 5% this summer. But it all depends on each individual state. For example, according to the forecast of the US Chamber of Commerce, electricity growth in New England will be 16.4%, while in the Southwest it will be only 2.4%.
However, moving is far from the only way to save your mining investment. There are many incentives for renewable energy in the US. For example, when installing large solar panels, miners can receive incentives from the government, sometimes reaching 50% of the electricity bill.

- Macroeconomics expert Lyn Alden believes that although there are no clear bullish signals in the crypto market, the time for global capitulation has already passed. In her opinion, the worst part of the bearish trend ended along with the volatile first half of 2022, when BTC lost over 56% of its value. The macro strategist believes that bitcoin can recover as the massive BTC sell-off has stopped.
However, Alden warns that bitcoin could still go down one step. “Macroeconomically, there are still not many bullish catalysts at the moment, and I would not rule out further price movement down.” “We have seen that, for the most part, bitcoin is very strongly correlated with the growth of the money supply, especially in dollars. So, when we have had a huge increase in the money supply around the world over the past couple of years, bitcoin has also done very well,” explained Alden. Now the reverse is happening as the US Federal Reserve and other Central banks try to tamp down inflation. And this, accordingly, affects the price of the cryptocurrency.

- CEO of Rockefeller International, formerly chief strategist at Morgan Stanley, Ruchir Sharma believes that bitcoin will soon return to growth and reach new heights. The financier recalled the situation with Amazon in the early 2000s, during the dot-com bubble, when the retailer's share price collapsed by 90%. However, stocks then bounced back, and rose another 300 times over the next 20 years. The top manager of Rockfeller International believes that a similar situation could happen with the first cryptocurrency.
Sharma noted that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become victims of a “global speculative mania.” At the same time, the deleveraging process is not over yet, and the bitcoin rate may further decline in the next six months against the backdrop of a fall in the stock market. Sharma recalled that a bearish trend usually lasts about a year in the stock market, and stock indices fall by 35%. At the moment, the market has decreased by only 20%. “I would not say that we are already at the bottom. The bearish trend in the US, which is the driver of demand for risky assets around the world, is still ongoing,” Sharma said.
According to the head of Rockfeller International, the position of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency is currently under threat. At the same time, he does not see competitors from other fiat currencies, but a “window of opportunity” has opened for cryptocurrencies. Sharma believes that top cryptocurrencies will become much more stable within three to five years, which will allow them to displace the US dollar.

Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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