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- After the mining ban in China, local bitcoin miners still generate up to 20% of the total hashrate of the cryptocurrency network, CNBC reports with reference to experts.
One of the miners, who identified himself as Ben, told the TV channel how local industry players work illegally. He has been mining since 2015 and has 6,000 devices. After the repressions started, Ben distributed equipment across multiple sites so as not to show too high power consumption. Ben installed 1000 units throughout the country, wherever he could get the capacity. And 5,000 miners are connected directly to two small hydroelectric power plants in Sichuan province.
He explained that mining is being monitored for suspicious traffic by one of the largest telecommunications companies, China Telecom, which transmits information to the government.

- Regulatory clarity and an influx of institutional capital are needed to continue the growth of the cryptocurrency market, and 2022 "promises to be interesting for the industry." This opinion was expressed by one of the partners of the investment company The Spartan Group known as SpartanBlack.
“Investors have asked me repeatedly in the past few weeks when the crypto winter is coming,” he writes. "The last three crypto winters have traumatized the collective psyche of investors so much that everyone has become cautious after the powerful year 2021." According to the observations of the financier, many cryptocurrency holders took profits after each strong upward price movement. Therefore, there was no FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and no parabolic movement of quotes, as in the previous three phases of the bull market.
The expert expressed the opinion that a powerful catalyst is needed for a parabolic price movement: for example, the introduction of crypto-friendly rules by American regulators. This will open up access to digital currencies for large financial institutions.

- Investor interest in existing crypto projects will continue in 2022, and exchange operators and data providers will benefit the most. This forecast was given by Larry Cermak, an analyst and vice president of The Block.
In his opinion, the market will continue to grow, but it will become more thoughtful. And the focus will be on Layer 2 protocols enabling faster and cheaper transactions on top of blockchains. The key to this will be the existence of decentralized applications.

- Co-founder and CEO of Kraken exchange Jesse Powell had previously predicted bitcoin would rise above $100,000 by the end of the year. Now he does not exclude a further decline in the cryptocurrency market. Powell said in a conversation with Bloomberg that he believes the onset of a new crypto winter is possible and that the bitcoin market has historically been characterized by cyclical behaviour, with halving as its starting point.
That being said, Powell believes that if bitcoin falls below $40,000, investors will seize the opportunity to buy. “I think a lot of people see values below $40,000 as a buying opportunity. Personally, I was buying when the market approached $30,000 a few months ago. I think many are just waiting for a reliable minimum," the Kraken CEO said.

- Founder of the investment company Bridgewater Associates, billionaire Ray Dalio, called traditional currencies a problem asset in a comment to Yahoo Finance. “Most investors consider fiat money to be the safest investment. And I think this is the worst investment,” he said. According to Dalio, you should not judge the profitability of your assets in nominal terms, but you need to make an adjustment for inflation. So, investors lost 4-5% due to the inflation of the US dollar in 2021.
Dalio also admitted that he invested in ethereum, but did not give an exact figure, he only said that he holds part of the portfolio in cryptocurrencies in order to diversify. “I see them as alternative money. It is impressive that digital currencies have lasted 10-11 years: they have not been hacked and they have a level of acceptance. "

- An American private National Bureau of Economic Research published a study that claims that 10,000 accounts, or 0.01% of all bitcoin holders, own 5 million BTC, or 27% of all coins in circulation (18.9 million). This suggests that bitcoin is not as decentralized as people think. “Despite 14 years of existence and the buzz it has made, it is still a very concentrated ecosystem,” said Professor Antoinette Shoar of the MIT Sloan School of Management.
According to the founder of Quantum Economics, Mati Greenspan, a significant part of the BTC turnover is still controlled by the anonymous creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. “Satoshi's own coins alone account for more than 5%,” Greenspan told Cointelegraph.

- Cryptocurrency analyst Justin Bennett spoke about the possible exit of bitcoin from the correction phase and the return of the bullish trend. After retesting the Dec 4 lows close to $40,000, he said, bitcoin could form a double bottom structure and then rally to above $60,000.
Bennett continues to give bitcoin a bullish outlook, even if it plunges below the important psychological level of $40,000. “I’m not against BTC falling below $40,000,” he says, “although many believe that in this case, we may face a bearish market. Yes, we will lose support for the December 4 low, but everyone wants to see higher highs. Even if the retesting of the $35,000 level happens, you need to understand that you could already see a similar situation at the beginning of 2021."

- Cryptanalyst and trader Benjamin Cowen told his 663,000 YouTube subscribers what he thinks ethereum will have in 2022. To do this, he looked at the consolidation phases in 2016 and 2017, which preceded massive upward breakouts. Cowen noted that the leading altcoin is likely to have a combination of the two phases in the near future.
The analyst believes that the ethereum consolidation could last until mid-2022, but the likely end result will be a breakout. “I believe ethereum will hit record highs in 2022 and may continue to grow in 2023, but it’s hard to count on at the moment,” he says. “I imagine the sideways movement will continue for a while, especially with bitcoin looking somewhat weak at the moment,” continues Cowen. “I don’t know how high ETH can go up afterwards. I think $10,000 is a reasonable goal, we could even reach $20,000. "

- Michael van de Poppe, trader at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, has released another review in which he talks about what will happen in the cryptocurrency market in the coming months and years.
The analyst believes that bitcoin will still bottom in the $40,000 area in the winter, after which it will go up again. From Van de Poppe's point of view, the main sign that the bullish cycle has not yet reached its top is the fact that we have not yet seen a phase of euphoria in the market, and we are not currently seeing massive selling from long-term coin holders. This means that we are in the middle of a bullish cycle.
“I think bitcoin will copy the rally that was seen in 2020 and 2021,” said the famous trader. According to this scenario, the vertical take-off of 2020 and 2021 will repeat in the Q1-2 of 2022, ending at around $530,000. After that, there will be a long bearish market until a new bullish phase in 2024. This bearish market may coincide with the global economic crisis.
But there is another scenario as well. It suggests that bitcoin remains “relatively calm” with ethereum as the key trigger. In this case, periods of bitcoin growth will be interrupted by periods of consolidation. The growth of the main cryptocurrency will not be as pronounced as in the first case, and it will reach "only" the height of $100,000-120,000 in 2022.

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