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- The crypto market has already experienced three serious falls the in first two decades of May. The first two collapses were associated with Elon Musk. Tesla first announced that it would no longer sell its electric cars for Bitcoin. “We are concerned about the use of fossil fuels for mining,” it said in a press release. - The future of our planet depends on the amount of gas emissions into the atmosphere. And we're not going to stand aside from addressing environmental issues. '
The second blow to the market was struck by a tweet from Elon Musk that, perhaps, Tesla will still sell the previously acquired bitcoin tokens. Recall that BTC quotes jumped 22% just three months ago on the news that Tesla had invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin. It may get rid of them now..

- The third major drop in the crypto market was experienced since Tuesday, May 18, to Wednesday, May 19. This time it comes after Chinese financial organizations were banned from providing services related to digital assets.
According to Reuters, a statement was issued by three financial regulators overseeing online financial transactions, the payments market and clearing.
Financial institutions in China are now unable to provide services for the storage and management of cryptocurrency, as well as release products related to digital assets. It is also forbidden to use them as a payment instrument. The three regulators said in a joint statement that virtual currencies are "not supported by real value," their prices are easy to manipulate, and trade contracts are not protected by Chinese law.

- Crypto enthusiasts have developed a new Fuck Elon Tweet (FUCKELON) token. By doing this, they want to demonstrate contempt for Elon Musk's tweets, which affect the digital asset market. The token is based on the Binance Smart Chain. According to the statement, the maximum offer will be 1 billion coins. More than 9,000 addresses became FUCKELON holders.
The coin has already risen by 2000% and the token is trading at the level of $0.005260 at the time of writing.

¬- LMAX institutional platform strategist Joel Kruger considers Elon Musk's statements about high energy consumption of bitcoin as only a catalyst for a long-overdue correction. “There is too much buzz around Tesla and Elon Musk,” he writes. "The pullback is caused by this to a much lesser extent, and by technical overheating after the parabolic movement of the course to a much greater extent."
Another expert and veteran trading veteran, Peter Brandt, said earlier this month that bitcoin would have to "come back to Jesus." And now he confirmed that the current fall fits the description of the moment he had indicated.

- Popular cryptocurrency analyst Lark Davis believes that bitcoin traders shouldn't worry about Elon Musk's comments or bitcoin's depreciation. Davis advises taking a look at the 2017 bull rally and seeing that bitcoin can survive multiple declines. The trader noted that there were 4 different corrections in the range of 30-45% then. The analyst is confident that the current growth is only at an early stage, and believes that the rates will soar much higher by the end of this year:
“You should look more broadly. The current Bitcoin situation is not a cause for concern. This is a fairly common situation that happens in the cryptocurrency market. The situation is likely to become mega-bullish again after a few weeks. Everyone will start to say again that BTC is a new concept of money and stuff like that. Now is not the time to panic and sell cryptocurrency, but it is high time to buy it in panic. We have excellent buying opportunities."

- Analysts at Glassnode confirm Davis' words. According to them, many new investors panicked out of their positions during the rollback, while long-term investors continued to increase their investments.
For example, business analytics company MicroStrategy took advantage of the decline in bitcoin and bought an additional 229 BTC worth $10 million. The acquisition was made at an average price of $43,663. To date, MicroStrategy has 92,079 BTC at its disposal, acquired for a total of $2.251 billion at an average price of about $ 24,450 per coin.
Investor Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the popular book "Rich Dad Poor Dad," is planning to buy on the current fall in bitcoin.

- The oil and petroleum pool, supported by the U.S. military, threatens the environment more than bitcoin mining. This was announced by Alex Gladstein, Strategy Director of the Human Rights Foundation, and James McGinnis, co-founder of David Energy. According to Forbes, the US military used up to 1 million barrels of oil daily in 2017. If the Ministry of Defence were a country, this level of consumption would make it the 55th most carbon dioxide-emitted country in the world.

- The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recorded a tenfold increase in cryptocurrency investment fraud. According to the report, the agency received 6,792 allegations of attackers from October 2020 to March 2021. The total amount of damage from their actions exceeded $80 million. The FTC says this figure was 10 times lower a year earlier: 570 appeals with losses totaling $7.5 million.
Scam organizers usually target investors aged between 20 and 49. Most scams operate on a pyramid basis. The most popular methods of finding victims are advertising "investment advice from experienced traders" and "distribution of cryptocurrency on behalf of celebrities." The attackers earned over $2 million on the name of Elon Musk alone.

- Bitcoin is not as popular among criminal groups as it might seem. This is the conclusion reached by blockchain analysts at CipherTrace in their monthly report, where they found that only 1% of all transactions on the bitcoin network are associated with illegal activities. According to them, in 2020, only 1.2% of transactions on the BTC blockchain were made between crypto exchanges and high-risk organizations.
In their sample, CipherTrace classify the following as a high-risk organization: sites with blockchain games, mixers, darknet, hype scam campaigns, ransomware; malware, high-risk exchanges.
Moreover, analysts have found out the volume of transactions used for money laundering. They concluded that the share of such transactions fell from more than 1% to 0.11% in 2020.

- Founded in 1932, American furniture chain Ethan Allen's is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Since the beginning of 2021, the company's shares have risen by 50% due to the inattention of some investors who confuse securities under the ticker ETH with the second most capitalized cryptocurrency.
According to The Wall Street Journal, economic recovery was not the only reason for the growth. Some investors hear the call “Buy ETH” and buy Ethan Allen's stock instead of Ethereum. According to the publication, in the last month alone, the turnover of ETH shares increased by 56%.

- The founder of the cryptobank Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, predicted in an interview with New York Magazine an increase in the price of Ethereum to $5000. This is facilitated by a combination of three factors: payment apps and stablecoins, decentralized finance, and non-fungible tokens (NFT), he said. “I'm almost 100% sure that the price will rise - it's just mathematics,” Novogratz explained.

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