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- Attackers demanded 5 BTC (about $275,000), threatening to detonate bombs in two business centers of St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia. According to local media reports, the Fort Tower and Renaissance Park business centers received ransom threats by e-mail. However, no explosive devices were found after people were evacuated and buildings were inspected. The police are looking for extortionists.

- Investor and TV star Kevin O'Leary said in a comment to CNBC that he would only buy eco-friendly digital gold. According to him, within a year or two, the crypto community will divide bitcoin into two types: "clean", that is, mined using renewable energy, and "dirty" or "bloody" - mined using "dirty energy."
O'Leary added that environmental concerns were coming to the fore with regard to digital gold. “I don’t buy coins if I don’t know where and when they were mined. Not from China. No “bloody” coins,” the investor said. However, he did not specify where he buys "clean" bitcoin and how he determines its origin.
According to analysts' calculations, the annual emissions into the atmosphere from cryptocurrency mining are about 60 million tons of carbon dioxide. In other words, $1 billion worth of bitcoin mining is equivalent to annual carbon emissions from 1.2 million cars.

- According to CoinDesk, the Sacramento Kings NBA basketball club will provide an opportunity for the team and support staff to get paid in the first cryptocurrency. This was stated by its owner. The club plans to give official confirmation this week. The publication believes that such a move will secure the Kings a status as the most crypto-friendly professional sports team in the United States.

- Experts of the JPMorgan bank called the rate of 130,000 as the long-term goal for the first cryptocurrency, having lowered the bar from146,000 due to the fall in gold quotes, Business Insider reports.
The bank's analysts made such a forecast based on the calculation of the theoretical capitalization of the first cryptocurrency in the event of an inflow of funds from the gold market, for which the cryptocurrency is becoming a digital alternative. According to JPMorgan, the precious metal has outflowed 20 billion since mid-October, while companies have poured7 billion in bitcoin.
The long-term target for the cryptocurrency rate is based on the idea that its volatility and the volatility of gold will converge. But the bank recalled that this is a long-term process: the realized three-month asset volatility is 86% and 16%, respectively so far.

- The famous American rapper Snoop Dogg said that he is a big bitcoin supporter. “I believe in bitcoin and the technology that makes global interaction possible,” he said.
The rapper has already become familiar with the volatility of the crypto market and understands that the fall in price does not reflect the initial value of the asset. Price is not the main determinant of the reliability of the leading cryptocurrency for him. “I don't follow the coin rate too much, because I've been on the market for a long time and got used to rate jumps. I am sure that bitcoin is for a long time, ”says Snoop Dogg. “The future is happening right before our eyes. I don't think bitcoin is just a consequence of the pandemic. It only adds fuel to the fire. "

- Many "bitcoin bulls" in the expert environment say that the largest digital currency will be able to bypass gold in terms of capitalization in the future. In this case, the value of all bitcoins should grow 10 times and exceed the $11 trillion mark. The authors of the study conducted by Ark Invest, stress that this could happen over the next few years. "We believe that bitcoin is better than gold and it's safe to say that it will capture gold market share or even more."
Commenting on a recent speech by the US Treasury Secretary in which she criticized bitcoin, Ark Invest experts say Janet Yellen used outdated arguments when she said that criminals were using cryptocurrency for money laundering.

- Billionaire and founder of the crypto bank Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz agrees with the forecast of Ark Invest. He stated In a comment for CNBC that he was shocked by the pace of digital asset adoption. The investor also admitted his previous forecast of the price of the first cryptocurrency of $60,000 too conservative. “Bitcoin is on the inevitable path to reaching and exceeding the capitalization of gold,” said Novogratz.
According to CompaniesMarketCap, the total market value of gold at the time of writing is 10.8 trillion. According to CoinGecko, the capitalization of the first cryptocurrency is around1.1 trillion.

- Domain name registrar GoDaddy put up Roger Ver's Bitcoin.com domain for sale for $100 million earlier this week. Upon discovering the ad, the owner said it was “100% fake” and contacted GoDaddy with a demand to remove the domain from sale. And that was done. At the same time, there were no official comments and explanations from GoDaddy representatives.

- Rich Dad Poor Dad author, investor and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki has suggested in a recent interview that bitcoin could reach a value of 1.2 million over the next five years. Kiyosaki first bought the cryptocurrency last year when it was trading at9,000 after the pandemic actually shackled the global economy. “I wish I could buy it for 10 cents, like many people did, but I still look like a genius because today it costs about 55,000. I think that in another five years it will grow to

1.2 million,” the entrepreneur announced.
At the same time, even though Kiyosaki has turned into a defender of bitcoin, he still prefers gold and silver for main investments, explaining this by the fact that the cryptocurrency is outside the regulatory field.

- Large investment bank Morgan Stanley has filed an application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), according to which 12 funds of the bank will be able to invest in BTC. Each of the funds indicated in the application will be able to place up to 25% of the capital in the first cryptocurrency. “Certain funds can indirectly invest in bitcoin through fiat-settled bitcoin futures or through investments in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). The investments will go through a subsidiary registered in the Cayman Islands. At the same time, the fund may not have investments in bitcoin at a certain point,” the application says.

- Billionaire Mark Cuban revealed that he has concentrated 60% of his cryptocurrency investment portfolio in bitcoin, 30% in Ethereum, and 10% in other digital assets. Cuban called bitcoin the best alternative to gold, and Ethereum - the most similar to a real currency. “I wish I had bought Ethereum earlier. I started doing this only four years ago,” added Cuban, and compared the growth of Ethereum to the development of the Internet in the late 90s.
According to him, it is this altcoin that matches his ideas about the correct form of money due to its decentralized economy based on smart contracts.

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